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Safety in the Workplace



If you feel threatened while at work, consider the following:



 Save any threatening emails or voicemail messages. You can use these to take legal action in the future, if you choose to. If you already have a restraining order, the messages can serve as evidence in court that the order was violated.

 Park close to the entrance of your building, and talk with security, the police, or a manager if you fear an assault at work.

 Have your calls screened, transfer harassing calls to security, or remove your name and number from automated phone directories.

 Relocate your workspace to a more secure area.

 Obtain a restraining order or order of protection and make sure that it is current and on hand at all times. Include the workplace on the order. A copy should be provided to the police, the employee's supervisor, Human Resources, the reception area, the Legal department, and Security.

 Provide a picture of the perpetrator to reception areas and/or Security.

 Identify an emergency contact person should the employer be unable to contact you.

 Ask Security to escort you to and from your car or public transportation.

 Look into alternate hours or work locations.

 Review the safety of your childcare arrangements, whether it is on-site childcare at the company or off-site elsewhere. If you have a restraining order, it can usually be extended to the childcare center.