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Survivor Stories



Each Client who walks through the door of Safe Moves is guaranteed certain services.  These services include a complete assessment of the situation, and assistance with goal setting, problem solving and coordination of  community services.  However, many of our clients are surprised to find just how much their case manager at Safe Moves is willing to do.  Here are  just a few examples of  how lives have been changed when our clients come to Safe Moves.    






A young waitress and mother had her front teeth broken in half by her husband during a violent incident.  Although she was embarrassed and ashamed, her biggest concern was the income she would lose, if she would even be able to keep her job.  Her Safe Transitions Case Manager was able to locate a dentist within her network of services providers who repaired the young woman's teeth without charge.  



A young woman who had left her abusive common-law-husband found, upon leaving one of her two minimum wage jobs, that her tires had all been slashed with a knife and both of her windshields had been smashed.  The car was in her abuser’s name even though she made all of the payments, and because of this, law enforcement was unable to charge him.  Safe Transitions Case Manager was able to further assess the situation, and consulted with law enforcement who, with the information gained by Safe Transitions Case Manager, was able to charge the man with stalking.  Additionally, the case manager was able to locate businesses who repaired the tires and the windshields without charge to the victims, thereby allowing her to continue her employment.  Because the man was charged, the violence and stalking has since ceased. 





A young married couple was referred to Safe Moves after having their first violent incident.  Charges had been filed against both parties, since both had physically struck the other.  The woman had admitted to "throwing the first punch", although she ended up with the most severe injuries.  The Safe Transitions Case Manager found that both the husband and the wife had witnessed severe domestic violence as children and had both been victims of child abuse.  The wife had been a victim of child sexual abuse, as well.  The couple had recently learned that they were expecting their first baby.  A Safe Transitions Case Manager  provided the couple with extensive information regarding the dynamics and patterns of family violence. They came back for another session, and asked her to help them set some goals. They made a conscious decision to not raise their child in the same manner in which they were raised. The Safe Transitions Case Manager coordinated services for both the husband and the wife, including anger management classes, support groups for adult survivors, marriage counseling and parenting classes.  Because of their diligent efforts, and the fact that it was their first offense, the judge showed leniency on both parties. This couple has been followed since and there have been no more violent incidents.  



A woman who had been a long time victim of constant emotional abuse and physical battering called law enforcement after physically hitting her abuser with an object to stop him while he was strangling her.  Law enforcement, upon viewing the injuries to the primary abuser, arrested the woman, who was not offered victim advocacy services.  The law enforcement officers involved were unaware of the injuries to the woman, who was  actually the primary victim.  Strangulation injuries often do not appear immediately after an assault. The woman was assessed by a Safe Transitions Case Manager, who immediately sent her for a forensic medical examination.  She was found to have injuries that were consistent with extensive strangulation, as well as defensive injuries.  Law enforcement was consulted, and although charges against the woman were not immediately dropped, the “victim” was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.  His immediate incarceration allowed her to escape the abusive relationship and find safety. She was also referred for counseling, medical treatment for depression, housing services, and job skills training.  





A teenager who had witnessed violence between his parents all of his life had been suspended from school for fighting.  The Safe Transitions Case Manager was able to intervene by communicating with the boy’s school counselor and principal, and by obtaining intervention services for him, including medical services, counseling, a teen support group and anger management classes.  The boy and his mother made the decision together for him to stay with a family member while the Safe Transitions Case Manager continued to work with this mother extensively as she removed herself from an extremely violent relationship she had been in for years.   Now, the two of them are back together and living much more peaceful lives. 


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