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Living With an Abuser



If you are staying with your batterer, think about:



 What works best to keep you safe in an emergency.

 Who you can call in a crisis.

 If you would call the police if the violence starts again. Can you work out a signal with the children or the neighbors to call the police when you need help?

 If you need to flee temporarily, where would you go? Think through several places where you can go in a crisis. Write down the addresses and phone numbers, and keep them with you.

 If you need to flee your home, know the escape routes in advance. You can teach school-aged children these escape routes as well. One good way to teach kids to flee is by using "fire drills", which they should know anyway.

 Document days, times and exactly what was said and done. This can be used later to show a pattern of abuse. Keep this information where your abuser can not find it, with a friend or at work.