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N.D., Family Violence Survivor, Mar 2002

As a victim of domestic violence, I began searching the Charleston area for any resources that were available to educate myself on ways to keep my family safe. It soon became obvious that Safe Moves Family Violence Resource Center is the most valuable resource that Charleston has to offer domestic violence victims. My case manager is very knowledgeable about the many local, state, and national organizations and what each is able to offer victims.  She left no stone unturned as she utilized each of these resources to ensure that our needs were met.


My case manager has offered emotional support and assisted with coordinating services that provided total care for my family and me.  Before I called Safe Moves, I called several community organizations.  I did not feel that they were concerned about my situation.  Some even made me feel worse. My case manager at Safe Moves was both compassionate and realistic.  Seldom do crises occur on a 9-5 Monday-Friday schedule.  My case manager has been there for me regardless of the time of day or night.  She has never sugar coated things for me.  She has not been judgmental or conditional but has held me accountable for my own actions when necessary.  Safe Moves is truly committed to helping empower victims by locating valuable resources for them to be able to make necessary lifestyle changes.  They have been there for the duration and been involved in my healing process, which is a process not an event.  My involvement with Safe Moves has helped me to stay focused and directed to  deal with the issues at hand.  Safe Moves has so much to offer victims in our area.  I only wish that every community had a "Safe Moves".