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Fleeing a violent situation



In case you have to flee, have the following available:



· Important papers such as:

-    Birth certificates

-    Social security cards

-    Insurance information

-    School and health records

-    Welfare and immigration documents

-    Divorce documents

-    Income tax records

-    Other court documents 

· Credit cards, bank account number, and ATM cards. 

· Some money 

· An extra set of keys 

· Medications and prescriptions 

· Phone numbers and addresses for family, friends, doctors, lawyers, and community agencies. 

· Clothing and comfort items for you and the children.


When dialing 911 from a cell phone, state your location first.  Your number and address will not show up on their screen.  Give the operator your information in this order:

1) Location

2) Name

3) Offender’s name

4) What is happening